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Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Address 205 West Rankin Street, P.O. Box 8397, Jackson, MS, 39284-8397, US
Phone 800-752-8460
Fax 800-752-8461
Website forestry-suppliers.com

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Durable, lightweight silt fence

Durable, lightweight and easy-to-use, this silt fence is available as fabric only or preassembled with 13 hardwood stakes per roll on eight-foot centres (60 gram fabric) or with 17 hardwood stakes per roll on six-foot centres (77 gram fabric). Fabric is double stapled at the top of each stake to ensure that it remains on the stake.

Commercial landscaping fabric

This commercial-grade landscaping fabric offers superior weed control, maximum water retention, and is easy to install. A patented three-layer fabric design features porous capillary matting (which draws water to the soil) sandwiched between a micro-perforated film (which blocks weeds above and below) and a non-woven spunbonded fabric (which provides extra strength against weed penetration) for long term protection. This fabric also requires far less organic mulch coverage than many other fabrics.