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Graco Inc.

Address 88 – 11th Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN, 55413, US
Phone 877-844-7226
Fax 612-623-6273
Email [email protected]
Website graco.com/coatingsandfoam

Graco manufactures industrial sprayers that apply protective coatings and corrosion control materials. Designed for reliability and durability, Graco equipment helps reduce material waste, improves productivity and reduces maintenance procedures.  Founded in 1926, Graco is a world leader in fluid handling systems and components. Graco products move, measure, control, dispense, and apply a wide range of fluids and viscous materials used in vehicle lubrication, commercial and industrial settings.

Graco XM Plural-Component Sprayers. For accurate, on-ratio application of protective coatings.
Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayers. Two-component spraying made easy and affordable.
Graco Xtreme Sprayers. Rugged, reliable high-pressure performance for single-component protective coatings.
Reactor E-XP2i Integrated Proportioning System. For polyurea. Save big on diesel fuel costs and increase productivity with one integrated package.
Graco XM PFP Plural-Component Sprayer. For accurate, on-ratio spraying of epoxy intumescent fireproofing materials.

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