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Snow Dragon Snowmelters

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Mobile snowmelter

The SND580 from Snow Dragon  can be used for standard snow-melting applications such as shopping plazas and parking lots as well as having the ability to be used on the top deck of structures. Using existing snow-melting technology and keeping equipment cost in mind, this model will allow end users to minimize their snow-removal expenses while lowering their capital equipment investment. The SND580 dual axle snowmelter weighs approximately 10,000 pounds filled with fuel and water and only 6,500 pounds empty, allowing it to be towed by a full-sized Ford 150 or a Dodge Ram 1500 or higher. Measuring 16 feet long, six feet three inches wide, and only six feet two inches at its highest point, the melt rating on this 5.8 million snowmelter is 18 tons/hour (75-175 cubic yards), allowing it to be used on standard melting applications as well.