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Harris offers the industry’s finest customer service, most advanced design and engineering capabilities. For more than 100 years, Harris has remained an industry leader in the manufacturing of ferrous and non-ferrous processing equipment.

Harris equipment is backed by a well-trained, worldwide distribution organization, supported by a large staff of factory technicians, and large parts inventories at both distributor sites and the manufacturing plants. For more information visit www.harrisequip.com


Our engineers work seamlessly with fabricators at our manufacturing facility, using today’s communication technology, to offer scrap shredder system operators a set of resources that is unmatched by other suppliers of ferrous metal scrap and auto shredding equipment to make the right shredder facility to meet your needs and match your budget.


TG Ferrous Baler

The TG ferrous metal baler is a standout for heavy-duty, high-production, reliable baling systems. The TG baler utilizes a three compression baling system to produce numerous bale sizes to meet market requirements.


TGS Ferrous Baler

TGS - The TGS ferrous metal baler is a terrific heavy-duty, high-production, and reliable baling system. The TGS baler utilizes a three compression baling system to produce numerous bale sizes to meet market requirements


HRB Centurion

The popular Harris HRB Centurion is a high-performance two ram baler designed specifically for medium to high volume applications.



The popular Harris Badger is a narrow-box two ram baler with a reputation for value and reliability as well as flexibility.



The Harris Gorilla is designed specifically for all ranges of customer from small to large production facilities. The Gorilla's flexibility makes it an ideal two ram baler for anyone looking to move to a two ram.


Vertical Balers

Are you manually breaking down boxes or does your current baling method take too long? A new Harris vertical baler is fast and powerful. It also only requires a single person to operate in most cases limiting the number of man hours (or manpower) needed in its operation. By baling you can reduce your disposal costs.


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