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Side Dump Industries

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Side dump trailers work with any pickup

The Contractors Series Side Dump trailer is designed to work with any pickup truck or tractor with a standard 2 5/16-inch adjustable ball hitch. These units are capable of hauling stone, gravel, dirt, building site materials, construction debris, wood, tree branches, mulch, livestock feed, recycling waste and more. “For some contractors, a full size dump truck isn’t necessary or cost ef-ficient,” says Ralph Rogers, founder and president of Side Dump Industries. “That’s why we designed the smaller Contractors Series Side Dump. They can pull it right behind their pickup truck or tractor.” The Contractors Series’ tub and frame are constructed of 4MM Domex 100 XF Steel. It has a water level capacity of 3.2 cubic yards and a heaping material capacity of four cubic yards. With optional High Side equipment, the Contractors Series has up to 6.5 cubic yards water level capacity and 7.3 cubic yards heaping material capacity. A tandem axle independent suspension is greaseless and maintenance-free, and an adjustable hitch allows for easy hitch-ups to different height hitches. A Gooseneck tongue hitch ball or fifth wheel hitch are available options.

Side dump trailer increases hauling capacity

The High Side Revolution Series side dump trailer is adaptable to all Side Dump Industries trailers and can increase hauling capacity up to 60 cubic yards.