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Hammer attachment for 18- to 28-ton excavators

The DXB 170h hammer fits the DX225 and DX255 Doosan excavators. The breaker has an operating weight of 3,572 pounds and works with carriers in the 18- to 28-ton weight range. The tool’s diameter is 5.39 inches; operating pressure is 2,610 psi, and flow is 26.5 and 39.5 gpm.

Heavy-range breaker

Tramac’s V2500 heavy-range hydraulic breakers are ideal for demolition, excavation, rock breaking and trenching. Units are designed for carriers from 59,500 to 88,200 pounds (27 to 40 mt) and are rated at an impact energy class of 8,000 foot-pounds, with an impact frequency range of 300 to 500 blows per minute. New features include a one-piece bushing and a large tool diameter of 6.3 inches (160 mm), and principal wear parts, including the bushing, are field-replaceable.

Rotating pulverizers

Designed for 12 to 50 metric ton excavators, Geith Precision rotating pulverizers are ideal for crushing and sorting materials on a structure or on the ground. These units feature 360-degree hydraulic rotation, exchangeable teeth and well-protected hydraulic components. Serrated blades hold rebar in place for precise cutting, and a hydraulic speed valve generates a shorter work cycle. Other key features include high clamping force, a wide jaw opening for processing thick concrete, and a Hardox steel structure for extreme durability and strength.

New line of attachments works for multiple functions

DII Attachments has introduced Geith Precision, a new line of attachments for the demolition, scrap and recycling industries. Geith Precision attachments are designed to function in primary, secondary, sorting, handling and recycling stages, and include an initial offering of multiprocessors, rotating and fixed pulverizers, rotating steel shears, mechanical crushers and mechanical grapples.

Multiprocessor features five jaw types

The Geith Precision multiprocessor is available in nine different models to fit excavator weights from 3.5 metric tons up to 70 metric tons. These units are available with five different jaw types including concrete jaws, steel shear jaws, pulverizing jaws, combination jaws and tank jaws. Jaw forces range from 62 to 420 tons. Some key features of these attachments include: 360-degree hydraulic rotation with a brake which creates precise positioning when processing materials; well-protected hydraulic components; easily interchangeable teeth and blades which allow for optimal processing performance; high clamping force; a hydraulic speed valve that generates a shorter work cycle; and a hardox steel structure that provides extreme durability and strength.