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Permeable pavers can help earn LEED credits

Developed as an alternative to concrete or asphalt pavements, TuffTrack and EZ Roll Grassroad Pavers provide an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally-friendly way to maintain healthy grass turf in high-traffic areas. In addition to significantly reducing hazardous storm-water runoff, both products are constructed from recycled plastics, provide excellent erosion control, and can be used to help landscape designers and architects qualify for LEED credits. “Though there still is a need for education regarding the benefits and applications of grassroad pavers, we’ve witnessed a remarkable increase in demand as more builders realize what an important component sustainable landscape construction is within the larger scope of constructing a green building,” said Mike Gummeson, President and CEO of NDS, Inc. “Choosing to install TuffTrack and EZ Roll, rather than impervious alternatives, not only reduces the amount of run-off going into storm drains but also decreases the amount of pollutants in the water that filters back into the ground,” said Gummeson. “Another less obvious yet equally important benefit of NDS grassroad pavers is a reduction in heat island effect since turf provides less heat radiation than concrete.” The easy-to-install TuffTrack (shown here above left) forms a solid foundation for a landscape with paver sheets of honeycomb-shaped cells equipped with a tongue-and-groove latching system, providing a quick and secure connection between each sheet. This unique design allows for up to 98,500 pounds of vehicular traffic to drive over turf areas without putting pressure on the roots of the grass or compromising the condition of the landscape. Also, each cell features a series of holes at the base to grip the subsurface, providing less soil compaction than many comparable products, which helps increase drainage and improve oxygen transfer to the soil. TuffTrack also eliminates standing water, provides groundwater recharge and reduces erosion of streambeds and river-banks by allowing the excess water to be absorbed into the soil. Constructed from 100 percent recycled polyolefin material, TuffTrack is built to be both tough and ecologically efficient. It is ideal for turf areas that experience frequent usage and heavy-duty vehicle traffic and can also be used for a variety of lighter applications including golf courses, emergency vehicle access, school fields and overflow parking lots. NDS also offers gravel paver solutions as part of its permeable paver collection (shown above). These products are easy to install, constructed from 100 percent recycled polyolefin material, can be used to achieve LEED credits and are suitable for a variety of applications.