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Portable wheel wash

The Tracinator is a one-tire revolution dirt removal system for light conditions, or for usage where a complete, heavier duty wheel wash system is not practical or budgeted. The Tracinator is designed to flush itself clear of debris by simply attaching a two-inch hose from a water truck or fire hydrant, and placing the clean-out valve in the open position. Debris is then flushed out to the side through the open ports. As such, The Tracinator is a preferred and field-proven alternative to standard rumble grates, which require manual cleaning by using a shovel to clear debris from between the ribs. The Tracinator can be used independently or in conjunction with any of the Neptune Automated Wheel Wash and Disinfecting Systems manufactured by IES. For ease of installation, The Tracinator can be configured with a set of hinged ramps.

Wheel wash designed to eliminate debris track-out

Calgary-based Neptune Northern has been named the Canadian sales, rental and service dealership for the new Neptune Series of stationary and portable automated wheel wash systems, which are designed to eliminate facility and jobsite track-out in a variety of markets, including waste management, construction, agriculture, aggregate and mining, oil and gas, recycle and demolition, and hazmat and disinfectant.

Above ground, portable wheel wash system

The Maximus Series of totally portable, automated wheel wash systems is engineered specifically for the construction industry. Ideal for eliminating trackout at project sites where excavation is not allowed or desired, the Maximus is an entirely above-ground system, which can be assembled, attached to power and water, and ready to operate in just hours. It features a fully automated, closed-loop water recycling and solids separation process – so that water present at the site entrance does not create any additional issues. The Maximus Series offers one- and two-tire revolutions of cleaning in its standard models – with custom built units also being available. The system operates on the principle of high volume and low pressure, which prevents overspray and the knocking of oil and grease from the truck chassis. Its 42-inch-wide wash elements flex the tire tread open to allow the high water volume flow to flush the tires clean. A highly-focused spray is easily achieved with adjustable nozzle assemblies.