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Vaughan & Bushnell

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Framing hammer

The S2 is a “split-head” framing hammer, meaning the head is split in two, which interrupts and dissipates shock generated during use thereby greatly reducing stress to the user’s hand, wrist and arm. The S2 hammer offers many innovative features such as overstrike plate handle protection, modular head design with independent face, claw and handle and anti-vibration pads for shock absorption. Additional features are precision balance for a zero gravity centre line and a Headstart Magnetic Nail Holder for both standard and duplex nails. All of these features were designed to prevent less wear and tear on the user while making the job easier and faster. Vaughan & Bushnell #6016 Metal cutting saw blades This new blade design delivers up to 100 percent longer blade life and 25 percent faster performance in metal cutting applications versus the prior generation of LENOX reciprocating saw blades. The new technology is applied to the entire range of metal cutting reciprocating saw blades including LENOX Gold, LAZER and Bi-Metal.