Gear Keeper

Hammerhead Industries
1501 Goodyear Ave.
Ventura, CA
US, 93003

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Heavy tool tether keeps tools where you need them

Heavy tool tether keeps tools where you need them

Gear Keeper introduces a new personal heavy tool tether with attached tool hanger designed to keep drills, power drivers, electronic meters and other important items secured. This new model (TL1-3003 Super Coil Carabiner/Side Release Lanyard with Tool Hanger) provides full arm extension for operating tools, yet retracts to a tight-coiled position when not in use. Built with a sturdy, self–retracting half-inch Super Coil with the ideal retracting force for heavy tools up to six pounds. The coil is covered with black nylon webbing that is rugged enough to withstand tough working conditions in the field. This cover, combined with the system’s supple coil design, minimizes the chance of entanglement.

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