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Skid steer loader – basic operation & safety: The latest web-based training program from VISTA

VISTA Training recently launched a new skid steer loader training module as part of its affordable, growing Silver Series of web-deliverable operator training programs. It is focused on helping operators to safe and productive when operating one of these versatile machines in mining and construction. Because this program is web-based, trainees can view it anytime, anywhere a high-speed internet connection is available.

Safety video for ALL users of hand-held powered cut-off saws

It's amazing what a comparatively small industrial diamond saw blade can do in a hand-held cut-off saw. Fire or police rescue teams use them to cut through every imaginable type of material. Gas powered cut-off saws are found on nearly every active construction job. Both surface and underground mines either have one on site or within easy reach all the time. Geologists even use these versatile tools to be more productive. The different types of blades available for gas, electric or air powered cut-off saws make them extremely valuable tools in hundreds of applications.

Motor grader video training series released

VISTA Training has introduced a series of job specific DVDs devoted to safe and efficient motor grader operation.
Each video begins with a brief machine introduction, practical view of the pre-use inspection and the many unique features of a motor grader. Then choose the title or titles applicable to your business:
New Construction – road building basics, working slopes, parking lots, cul-de-sacs and spreading material;
Road Maintenance – maintaining and blading gravel roads and shoulders, pulling and cleaning ditches, and clearing culverts;
Operating Tips – day-to-day operational tips on topics such as wheel lean, frame articulation and windrow spreading;
Snow Plowing – techniques that can save time while opening and widening roads.