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AlturnaMATS, Inc.


Address 701 E. Spring Street Mailbox #9, Titusville, PA, 16354, US
Phone 868-544-6287
Fax 814-827-2903
Email [email protected]
Website alturnamats.com
Brooke Smith
AlturnaMATS Ground Mats “Cover the World”

In virtually every country of the free world you’ll find AlturnaMATS Ground Protection Mats performing  important tasks ranging from keeping heavy vehicles from getting stuck in mud to protecting landscaped turf from vehicle damage.

AlturnaMATS are built tough from 1/2” polyethylene with bold diamond plate treads on both sides.  The mats are guaranteed for a full six years and normally last much longer.  These popular mats were created originally to keep heavy drilling rigs from getting stuck at oil, gas, and water drilling sites.  They soon became a staple, replacing plywood which lasted only a few weeks before warping, splintering, becoming water logged and unusable.

Creating a temporary roadway

Today, temporary roadways made of AlturnaMats carry heavy duty trucks, cranes, bulldozers, tractors, concrete trucks, back hoes and other construction equipment safely across muddy or soft terrain without getting stuck .  They also protect lawns and paved areas from vehicle damage.  These rugged mats are finding wide use in many markets …landscaping, tree care, cemeteries, golf courses, well drilling, literally any area where vehicles can get stuck or cause damage. The mats are available in sizes ranging to 4’x 8’

AlturnaMats have been found in a number of odd places.  One such location is in Tibet where an Ohio University research team worked with large trucks as the team explored  glacier surfaces.  Another occurred at the base of the Statue of Liberty where the mats protected valuable paved areas from steel-tracked vehicles during a reconstruction project.  This spring, a stream running through a Vermont golf course flooded, causing a bank to cave in.  Alturnamats were brought in to form a road for large trucks loaded with rocks to traverse the course with virtually no damage to the fairway.

Replacing Plywood

A few years ago, plywood was used by contractors to protect vehicles from getting stuck.  With the advent of AlturnaMats polyethylene mats, plywood is being phased out chiefly because of their brief life span and other shortcomings.  Also, over a span of two to three  years, AlturnaMats save contractors considerable costs compared to plywood.

Recently, AlturnaMats introduced a new mat called VersaMats that features a flatter, slip-resistant tread design on one side.   These mats are also made of 1/2” polyethylene and are designed for heavy vehicles as well as pedestrian traffic.   VersaMats utilize the bold diamond plate tread on the reverse surface, ensuring maximum ground traction, making them ideal when working at a muddy construction staging site.

Company Description

Alturnamats Manufactures and markets ground protection mats that are designed to eliminate damage to lawns due to vehicle traffic.  The company was founded in Titusville, PA and remains in this Northwestern PA town.  Principle products are the original Alturnamats which features a bold diamond plate tread design for maximum traction.  A newer mat is called Versamat which features a flat, slip resistant tread on one side and the diamond plate tread on the other side. Both mats are made of 1/2” polyethylene and are guaranteed for a full six years.  The company also markets a complete line of outrigger pads.  These solid 1” thick polyethylene pads are available in a broad range of sizes.

Michael Gierlach is president of the Alturnaamats

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