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Next Generation Power

Address 1732 Saint Johns Bluff Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32246, US
Phone 888-463-9879
Fax 904-642-8175
Email [email protected]
Website nextgenerationpower.com

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When space is at a minimum but demand for power at a maximum, there’s no need to skimp on an industrial gen-set. For back-up power during an outage, fire/rescue operations or powering onsite construction equipment, the next generation ultra compact industrial 5.5 kW gen-set weighs just 240 pounds.With mountable or remote radiator options, the 5.5 kW gen-set is powered by a heavy-duty, water-cooled, two-cylinder Kubota engine. The efficient diesel gen-set runs at mid-speed for long life and quiet operation. Perfect for mobile or stationary applications, it can easily power emergency flood lights, pumps, drills, equipment and tools.