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Arctic Bear HD heater

The Arctic Bear HD indirect-fired heater is designed to run 24/7, andfeatures a 100 percent stainless-steel firebox and heat exchanger. The unit’s heat output of 430,000 to 770,000 btu per hour varies with outdoor ambient air temperature, with a maximum temperature rise of 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Airflow rates vary with ambient air temperature and duct type diameter and length. The three hp backward-inclined, electric-powered centrifugal blower typically operates in the 3,300 to 4,000 cfm range, and diesel, natural gas or propane engine options are available.

Heaters deliver clean, dry heat in extreme conditions

The Arctic Bear HD indirect-fired heater is designed to deliver clean, dry heat in extreme conditions. It can run 24/7 and features a 100-percent stainless-steel firebox and heat exchanger. In addition to rugged construction, the unit includes an exclusive five-year Rust-Thru/Burn-Thru Warranty on both the firebox and heat exchanger.

What’s New

Heater designed to handle the coldest locationsThe Arctic Bear XHD indirect-fired heater is designed to deliver clean, dry heat while tolerating extreme cold-weather conditions. It is ideal for a multitude of applications and markets, including general construction, mining, pipeline construction and maintenance, utility work, and temporary heating for buildings.

Economical hydronic heater

The economical S3000 Ground Heater is able to thaw up to 4,500 square feet to a maximum of one-foot deep per day or heat up to 6,000 square feet of ground, indoors or out, to prepare for concrete placement, to prevent frost penetration or to assure proper concrete curing. It can thaw up to a depth of 10 feet in a single application. A digital temperature controller is ideal for the temperature sensitive process of concrete curing. The flexible hoses can be placed alongside footings, strung in long parallel lines or serpentine in any configuration to accommodate a variety of jobs. Because the hydronic heater isn’t pressurized, there is no requirement to constantly monitor it.

Economical hydronic heater

Ground Heaters’ new S3000 Ground Heater, an economy version of its proven hydronic ground thawing and concrete curing equipment, is ideal for large rental applications.


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