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Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc.

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Nitrogen tire inflation system reduces maintenance costs

Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc. (VIS) has introduced a high-performance nitrogen tire inflation system called VIS-Nitro that can help fleet operators reduce maintenance costs and improve tire life. “VIS-Nitro is a nitrogen inflation system with a big difference, it’s fully automated,” said Miles Fuller, president of VIS. “An inflation controller on VIS-Nitro automates tire top-ups, eliminates the need for handheld pressure gauges, improves inflation accuracy and can fill four commercial tires simultaneously. All the technician has to do is clip the four chucks on, set the pressure and walk away. The machine beeps when it’s done, making the operation completely hands-off. It also has an automated purge cycle that vents air from within an inflated tire and replaces it with high purity nitrogen produced by VIS-Nitro.”