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Canadian Industrial Distributors

Address 175 Sun Pac Boulevard, Unit 2A, Brampton, ON, L6S 5Z6, CA
Phone (905) 595-0411
Fax (905) 595-0425
Email [email protected]
Website cid.ca

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Insulation gun trade-in program

Canadian Industrial Distributors have refined the Dura 15 applicator gun with self-purging air-tight nozzle so it can be refurbished, and launched their CID Gun Exchange Program. Purchasers of a Dura 15 from CID at a low-cost membership fee can exchange a clogged gun at any CID dealer for a reconditioned Dura 15 gun for a flat fee – no waiting for repairs, and no downtime on the jobsite. Proper use of equipment is essential. Guns with bent or broken nozzles and/or cracked or broken handles are subject to an additional service charge. Dura-Foam offers environmental attributes, high performance and time saving factors for contractors.

MAX re-bar tying system

MAX re-bar tiers –models RB650A and RB395 –weigh only 7.2 pounds and 5.2 pounds respectively, will tie re-bar automatically in approximately one second per tie, and use 9.6 V rechargeable battery power, virtually eliminating risks associated with manual tying.