B.E.P. Forming Systems, Inc

Greg Peacock
325 Industrial Way
Fayetteville, GA
US, 30215

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Aluminum form panel system

System-HG is the world’s first hand- and gang-set aluminum-form panel system. It comes in smooth, all brick finishes, Georgian stone, and adobe brick, and it is available with all popular hole patterns. Its heavy, flat two-inch side-rail construction eliminates concrete leakage and bowing and its convenient lift handles make the system one of the easiest form panel systems for contractors to work with in the market today. The new system can be ganged together by employing B.E.P.’s Quick Clamp/Whaler Bracket System and every panel features the company’s exclusive, reusable POWER Taper Tie System, the latter reducing standard wall tie replacement costs to virtually nil.

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