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Glasses reveal pests, disease and stress conditions

TurfSpy turf stress detection glasses can help landscape managers “see the future” by revealing potential problems before they are visible to the naked eye. TurfSpy lenses work by blocking out the green spectrum reflected from chlorophyll in healthy vegetation. Stress conditions, such as disease, drought, pests or poor nutrition, are revealed with glowing colours (as shown right) and can be detected two to ten days before they are visible to the unaided eye.

Sprinkler with a built-in natural turf sod cup

The M-115 is a powerful long-throw sprinkler with a built-in natural turf sod cup for use on all parks and large sports fields, including football, soccer and baseball venues. Underhill’s M-115 features a 115-foot throwing radius and an 8-inch pop-up height. The sod cup is 4 inches deep and holds a 9-inch wide section of natural grass. It is available as a valve-in-head or block model.