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Beta Max Inc.

Address P.O. Box 2750, Melbourne, FL, 32902, US
Phone (800) 644-6478
Fax (321) 768-9517
Website betamaxhoist.com

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400-foot maximum height

Designed for easy installation and setup, the Max Climber 1000 features five foot long, 73-pound mast sections that can be easily installed with three bolts. The Max Climber 1000 is the perfect hoist for jobsites of all sizes that require the continuous lifting of general building materials. The hoist is space ef-ficient and features a 400-foot maximum working height with a lifting capacity of 1,000 pounds and a materials basket measuring 67 x 40 inches.

Leo Series portable hoists

The Leo Series of electric utility portable hoists features a compact, lightweight and efficient housing unit, and units are versatile enough to be mounted in a variety of ways to accommodate space limitations. Units allow space savings combined with limitless combinations of hoists, mountings, and baskets, and feature integrated Variable Frequency Drive Controllers – a sturdy electrical controller with an overload sensing device.

Rack and pinion lifting system

The Max Climber 2000 Rack & Pinion Hoist from Beta Max was designed to ensure optimum safety when lifting general building materials in the construction, restoration, scaffolding, facility maintenance and power plant markets. It is equipped with premium features that allow operators to easily and safely use the hoist with better control.

Passenger hoist system minimizes waiting time

The Max Climber 6000P is ideal for projects that require lifting both personnel and various materials. It has a lifting capacity of 6,000 pounds and can hold a maximum of 35 passengers. The cabin is 156 inches long and59 inches wide by 96 inches high. In addition to a spacious cabin design, the Max Climber 6000P is available in single or dual cabin configurations. This lift can travel up to 1,000 feet high at a speed of up to 180 fpm. To ensure passenger safety, the lift has an overload sensing system that notifies the operator when the maximum weight has been breached.

Block fork for heavy duty lifting applications

Beta Max’s new block fork system is designed for use with Beta Max’s Gemini Plus, New Yorker plus and Leo portable hoists. The block fork is ideal for heavy duty applications, including the lifting of cement blocks. The block fork allows a maximum lifting capacity of 800 pounds and is designed for lifting 8 x 8 x 16 regular blocks.