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Address 8635 Washington Ave, Racine, WI, 53406, US
Phone 262-639-6770
Fax 262-639-2023
Email [email protected]
Website wycotool.com
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Company Description:

Wyco is a leading manufacturer of a broad line of durable concrete consolidation tools and internal vibrators for the most demanding applications in the concrete industry. Our products include handheld electric and portable gas-powered vibrators, as well as hydraulic vibrators for paving machines. Wyco vibrators feature the Square Head design for faster consolidation and more external surface area coverage. Using sophisticated computerized manufacturing and quality assurance equipment, we build tools made to last and we stand behind every product. Wyco designs, builds and tests all our products in Racine, WI, USA at our state of the art ISO 9001 certified headquarters.

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Wyco Introduces Ergonomic-Designed Ergopack Backpack Vibrator for Concrete Consolidation

Wyco, a division of Badger Meter and pioneer in the development of concrete vibration products, announces the addition of the Wyco ErgoPack gas-powered backpack vibrator for construction site concrete consolidation, to its family of products for the concrete and paving industries. Delivering a powerful 50cc Honda gas engine in a highly mobile yet comfortable form factor, the ErgoPack is the only backpack vibrator on the market to offer an ergonomic design where the engine weight is properly supported by the operator's hips.

Wyco Electric Motor Vibrators for Concrete Receive Safety Certifications

Wyco, a division of Badger Meter and pioneer in the development of concrete vibration products, has received U.S. and international safety certifications for its electric motor vibrators. The Sure Speed Electric Vibrator, known for its innovative speed control technology that minimizes concrete surface defects, and 994 Electric Motor Vibrator meet the highest industry electrical compliance standards and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) standards for noise levels. 

Hydraulic paving vibrator offers high force at low speeds

Wyco’s hydraulic concrete vibrator is designed to meet industry requirements for air void standards and efficient paver operations. Wyco’s exclusive hydraulic gear motor maintains reliable operating speeds throughout the life of the vibrator. The lightweight, compact, single isolator bracket features Wyco’s claw clamp, which is easy to mount, and the single isolator design eliminates the problem of concrete buildup, offering better performance, reduced maintenance and directs the vibration away from the paving machine and into the mix. The high-impact rotor offers the highest force available and delivers an effective operating range for today’s paving mix designs. The patented Square Head provides faster compaction, which improves paver speed with reduced risk of vibrator trails.

Electric square-head vibrator

Wyco Tool Company reports that its Electric Square Head is the most advanced concrete vibrator ever designed. During a laboratory test, this concrete vibrator compacted the concrete 20 to 50 percent faster than the round head vibrator. Almost complete compaction was achieved in 15 seconds.

Hydraulic paving vibrator

Wyco’s patented Square Head paving vibrator provides more efficient consolidation at lower speeds with reduced risk of vibrator trails. It eliminates concrete buildup between the isolator components and directs vibration to the mix and not to the paving machine. The rugged vibrator hits harder, at lower speeds, and features the highest force eccentric available for this size head.