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HYTORC Industrial Bolting Systems


Address 333 Route 17 North, Mahwah, NJ, 07430, US
Phone (201) 512-9500
Email [email protected]
Website hytorc.com
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Company Bio:

With over 45 years of experience improving safety, quality and schedule on industrial bolting jobs, HYTORC is the most trusted name in the industry. From steel mills and mining equipment to refineries, power plants, and wind turbines; we have developed solutions for nearly every bolting application imaginable. For custom projects, our highly experienced engineering team is at your service to design the most efficient solution for your job with simple operation and economical pricing in mind.

With authorized repair facilities located all over the world, fast and professional service is always available. All of our products are covered by our worldwide one-year no-questions-asked warranty, which includes free parts and labor. Our latest bolting systems are guaranteed to stop leaks on pressurized vessels and eliminate unwanted nut loosening. Our mission is to make our customers’ jobs as safe and hassle-free as possible. Contact HYTORC today to find out how we can optimize your bolting processes.

Company Video:

HYTORC Tensioning System on a Turbine Casing

Featured Products:

The HYTORC Avanti bolting system is used here with HYTORC Nuts on a gas turbine casing. The result is a safer, faster and more accurate assembly or disassembly process.

SimulTorc Bolting with 4 HYTORC Avanti Tools

Using the HYTORC Washer allows for safe and simple installation with four Avanti Bolting Systems used simultaneously and operated by only one person hands-free.

The HYTORC system operates hands-free even on an inverted application

Four HYTORC Avanti tools used in conjunction with the HYTORC Washer, are locked in place on an inverted application for safe, hands-free operation.

The HYTORC Jamnut simplifies a challenging job on a gas compressor.

The compressor jamnut can be one of the most challenging bolting jobs because of the confined space and the fact that the piston rod limits access to the nut. The HYTORC Jamnut is used with an open link and allows for reaction on the nut itself, eliminating damaging reaction force on the piston, which other systems can apply. Within a few minutes the jamnut applies precise tension and the job is done.

HYTORC Avanti bolting system on feed pump connection

The HYTORC Washer adds safety speed and accuracy to all bolting jobs. Here, two Avanti bolting systems are used simultaneously and operated hands-free to apply accurate torque as safely as possible.

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