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Address 47 E Industrial Park Drive, Manchester, NH, 03109, US
Phone 800-346-4175
Fax 800-346-9826
Email [email protected]
Website burndy.com

BURNDY® is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, offer high quality, competitively priced connectors, wiring accessories and installation tooling that have solved connection problems for over 85 years. Products include heat shrink terminals, tags, wire management systems, cable ties, uninsulated ferrules, ratchet cable cutters, and hydraulic impact wrenches.

It also provides mechanical and compression tools; battery, hydraulic, pneumatic, and low pressure hydraulic tooling; accessories, including covers, hardware, and oxide inhibitors; weldments, such as stud connectors, terminals, bus supports, couplers, and tee connectors; and connectors and in-line disconnect products.

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Patriot hydraulic cutter

The Patriot PATCUT245CUAL-18V battery actuated hydraulic cutter is designed for electrical applications. Units are compact, fast, and easy to use, and incorporate the latest in battery tool technology. Intended for copper and aluminum cable only, the PATCUT245CUAL-18V is capable of cutting up to 2.45 inches (outside diameter) of cable with a large cutting capacity. Units allow one-hand operation, and incorporate a specialized latch-style cutting head that allows interference-free closure for mid-span cuts.