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East Manufacturing Corporation

Address 1871 State Route 44, P.O. Box 277, Randolph, OH, 44265, US

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East releases video of road test of first-of-its-kind hybrid-dump trailer

East Manufacturing spent over four months road testing their Genesis Hybrid dump trailer after it was introduced at the Mid America Truck Show in March. They gave the trailer to several truckers so they could put it through the paces in their daily operations. And they interviewed the truckers to get their opinions and feedback on the unconventional new dump trailer - a unique combination of the two dump trailer designs currently available, square-box and round-bottom.  

First-of-its-kind hybrid trailer

East Manufacturing figured their unconventional trailer concept would create a lot of interest and comment at the Mid America Truck Show in March. So they decided to capture on video what people had to say when they visited the East booth and first saw the Genesis Hybrid - a unique combination of the two dump trailer designs currently available, square-box and round-bottom. The video can be viewed on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhNL70FIZCI or by visiting eastmfg.com.

Square-box dump trailer with a round bottom

East Manufacturing has combined the advantages of a square-box dump trailer with the advantages of a half-round dump trailer, and joined them together in one trailer – the newest Genesis trailer.
For quite some time East engineers have been working on an answer to customer requests for a dump trailer with a lighter tare weight, like a half-round, yet with the better handling and stable dumping characteristics of a square-box dump trailer.

Integrated stairway for platform trailers

Drivers spend a great deal of time on the deck of their flatbed trailer, from securing their loads to assisting with off-loading. Getting up onto – and down off of – the deck has been a challenge. East Manufacturing has introduced the first built-in stairway for platform trailers. “Our optional integrated stairway provides a simpler, easier and safer exit and entrance to the flatbed deck,” said Bill McKenzie, product manager for platform products. “When open, the deck lid locks securely in the upright position via double rods that slide into two specially designed receivers. The first of two handrails is located under the lid, providing a handy 45-degree vertical handhold that’s above deck height. The second handrail is built next to the steps, which are made of pooch-punched aluminum for both drainage as well as a skid-resistant surface.” In the down position, the deck lid latches securely to prevent bouncing during transit. The deck lid is load bearing, so the trailer loses zero deck area because of the stairs. The integrated stairway is all aluminum, so no extra weight is added to the trailer.