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Computer room monitoring system

 The Web600 monitoring and alarm notification system connects to any local network, giving complete control via user-friendly Web interface that can be called up on any networked computer. Users can program sensors, set thresholds, check current conditions and view time-stamped data logs for up to six wireless sensors.

SCADA 3000 upgraded to include Ethernet capabilities

The SCADA 3000 remote monitoring system is now available with Ethernet capabilities. This feature allows facility managers and other approved personnel to access live status, alarm history and other advanced information from any computer within a specified computer network for added convenience. The SCADA 3000 connects easily to a PC host and offers the highest level of monitoring, data logging and alarm notifi-cation. It comes packaged with Windows-compatible software to track 16 universal inputs and eight relay outputs. Expansion input and output modules make it possible to monitor up to 144 total points, so the system’s capabilities can grow with any given application.