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Unimog North America

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Truck-mounted mower

Mounted on the front of the Unimog U500 truck, the Mulag MKF 600 combination mower has one large and one small mower head, allowing the operator to mow large swaths with the boom head while mowing difficult-to-reach areas, such as under guard rails, with the smaller head. Mulag’s Mahtronic sensing mechanism ensures the boom mower head and ground pressure are always at the right level. A sensor bar is mounted on the front of the smaller mower head, sensing obstructions and retracting the mower until the obstacle has passed. When not in use, the mowers fold to the front of the vehicle for easy transporting.

More implements for Unimog

The addition of a street sweeper, two-head mower and hooklift make the Unimog U500 even more versatile. The new implements can be easily mounted and removed from the Unimog chassis.