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Cherrington Beachcleaners

Address PO Box 2135, Jamestown, ND, 58402, US
Phone +1 800 966 1588
Fax +1 701 952 0227
Email [email protected]
Website cherrington.net

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Rock picker / screener made for easy seedbed preparation

This new compact and rugged model 4500 screener is designed for the preparation of seedbeds by screening the existing soil. Users can screen topsoil up to four inches deep and remove all of the rock, roots, and existing vegetation and sod on remodelling jobs. The Cherrington 4500 has a five-foot screening width and one-yard hopper, as well as high-lift dump up to eight feet, or quick ground dumping. In one pass users can screen topsoil without the usual cost and labour of hauling to a stationary screener. Units feature solid steel loading paddles, no hoist or rollover chains and only three bearings for low maintenance.

Screen out rocks and debris for site development

Cherrington used the latest technology and advanced hydraulic engineering to develop a mobile, self-loading screener which lifts the soil onto a reciprocating power screen. Objects larger than the screen size, like rocks, roots and debris, are retained and carried by the loading flights to the hopper, while the screened, clean sand or soil falls back to the ground.