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Trailer mounted platforms

Trailer mounted platforms
UpRight’s new TL37 and TL49K trailers are 43- and 55-foot working height articulated boom lifts.

The TL37 is light with a stable in-line boom and is well specified, with hydraulic outriggers, jib and powered cage rotation as standard. The TL49K boasts robust, heavy-duty booms and is simple and easy to maintain, with good specification and a wide variety of power options, including bi-energy. Key selling points are the simple repair and maintenance of hydraulic machines, along with high reliability and competitive pricing.

UpRight is also developing the TL34, an entry-level, low cost articulated trailer mount with a 40-foot working height, and a drive assist system for the TL37, similar to the friction drive already available on the TL49K model.

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