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Solar charging system for areas without electrical power

Solar charging system for areas without electrical power
An effective and rugged solar charging system, SolarPulse has three models to choose from and the Pulse Technology maintenance program.

The charging system is ideal for virtually any kind of vehicle and equipment in areas without access to electrical power, including heavy and light construction and farming equipment.

Not only does SolarPulse efficiently charge 12-volt batteries it also cleans the battery plates by removing the sulphate deposits from the plates and converts them to active electrolytes. When installed permanently, SolarPulse not only provides clean, quiet energy but also help keep sulphates from building up again so batteries will stay strong all the time. With clean plates, batteries recharge faster, accepting a full charge and release all stored energy providing maximum power.

SolarPulse is currently available in two-watt (735X302 SP-2), five-watt (735X305 SP-5) and six-watt (735X613 12V ERV Unit) configurations.