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Agreement sees diesel drives supplied for generators

Iveco Motors of North America has reached an agreement with MQ Power, to power their KD Series industrial power generators with Iveco Motors’ NEF and Cursor diesel gen-drives. The NEF gen-drives supply net stand-by power outputs from 57 kWm to 215 kWm, and the Cursor gen-drives supply net stand-by power outputs from 211 kWm to 396 kWm. NEF and Cursor gen-drives will be available on six new MQ Power KD Series models with power outputs from 80 kWe up to 420 kWe. The KD Series began shipping in the fourth quarter of 2006.

NEF and CURSOR engines are designed with technology that meets Tier III emissions requirements. A rear gear drive design enables the noise levels to stay low and improves the cooling performance because of the better airflow on the front section of the engine. The gen-sets require little maintenance, with lubrication oil and filters needing replacement only every 600 hours.

MQ Power will be equipping their lower output generators with Iveco Motors NEF 45TM1 and NEF 45TM2. Both are turbocharged, after-cooled engines with two-valves-per-cylinder, four-cylinder inline configuration and a displacement of 4.5 L. They feature a mechanical fuel injection system that enables the gen-drives to have improved performance, less fuel consumption and lower noise levels. The injection pump is equipped with an electronic governor control system for precise frequency control and fast load response.

MQ Power’s mid output generators will be equipped with Cursor 9, 10 and 13. All Cursor models are turbocharged, after-cooled engines with four-valves-per-cylinder, six-cylinder inline configuration and displacements of 8.7 L, 10.3 L and 12.9 L, respectively. They feature an electronic fuel injection system that enhances performance levels and decreases fuel consumption values to as low as 0.325 lb/hphr. The Cursor 9 is equipped with an electronic common rail fuel system, and the Cursor 10 and 13 have an electronic unit injector system.