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Industrial-grade MIG welder allows for arc adjustments in fine increments and easier welding

The new Handler 187 MIG welder from Hobart Welding Products is an industrial-grade welder that offers a seven-tap voltage selection control, enabling users to make arc adjustments in finer increments and simplify creating the classic “sizzling bacon” sound that signifies a perfect arc. “The Hander 187 features an increased voltage selection paired with enhanced magnetic inductance for a smooth weld,” states Dave Enneking, product manager, Hobart Welding Products.

Combined with the seven taps, better inductance enables the Handler 187 to provide better arc starts, smoother arc performance, create less spatter for less cleanup and create weld beads with a professional appearance. Anyone welding stainless steel will especially notice beads with a flatter crown and good wet out at the toes of the weld.

The hallmark of the Handler 187 is an extremely stable arc when welding steel as thin as 24-gauge while maintaining performance on materials up to 5/16 inches thick. The Handler 187 weighs 68 pounds and has a welding output range of 25 to 185 amps.