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Simulator to train mobile crane operators

Simulator to train mobile crane operators
The simulation software for Simlog’s Mobile Crane Personal Simulator puts users at the controls of a typical mobile hydraulic crane equipped with telescoping boom and jib, and a variety of loads and hookblocks. In addition, it incorporates the display of typical instrument readings (boom angle, boom length, height, radius, and quadrant of operation) along with a simulated load-moment indicator. A total of six simulation modules are provided, with increasing difficulty designed, in part, to help operators prepare for CCO certification.

For each simulation module, key performance indicators are measured to evaluate the simulated work (execution time, maximum load sway, maximum height error, load chart margins, number of collisions with obstacles, number of 2-blocking occurrences, etc.). Operators can even change the viewpoint during the simulation at the touch of a button. Audio feedback is also provided, with sounds recorded from real machines.

Just set up the simulator controls and then install the award-winning simulation software (in English, French, or Spanish) on a computer, add a projector or big screen display for “life size” graphics, and quality speakers for the audio feedback.

Simulation results are automatically saved on the PC. To make the record-keeping even easier, the same results can also be saved in a single database when using Simlog’s Simulation Manager.

With this helper product, individual accounts can be created for simulator users with distinct login names and passwords, and grouped into “classes.” (The same database can be used with all of their products.) Simlog believes that “seeing is believing” so they offer a free Evaluation Mode for their simulation software. In Evaluation Mode, users can review all of the simulator functionality but there are just a few simulation exercises and they are time-limited. And since simulation results cannot be saved in Evaluation Mode, they provide sample simulation results as part of the complete on-line documentation.