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Automated Positioner-Actuator for concrete repair

Automated Positioner-Actuator for concrete repair
Manufactured in Canada by RNP Industries, the P.A.M. Positioner-Actuator will hold a wide range of concrete hammers, hydro demolition lances and many other tools. The company states that this is the first such automated system in the world.

P.A.M. makes use of patented technology for the rehabilitation of concrete and provides effortless handling for the construction worker. It does all the supporting and the positioning for work on walls, inclined surface or ceilings. This increase in production provides contractors with a competitive edge, more flexibility in job costing and delivery time. The PAM will at least cut in half the amount of time compared to a job done manually. The result for the contractor is a quick pay back and a significant reduction of injuries on the job.

It only needs air from a compressor to be operated. Other configurations are available: pneumatic-hydraulic, electric or fuel-powered.

The unit is equipped with controls on the handles and wheels to move around easily. It can be mounted on a platform to do elevated jobs and has stationary legs to secure it in place. Water mist reduces dust. The unit weighs 535 pounds without the hammer.