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Case introduces its largest crawler dozers ever

Case introduces its largest crawler dozers ever
The new K Series of crawler dozers from Case includes two models. The 1850K crawler dozer provides up to 205 hp (153 kW), 671 lb-ft of torque (909 N-m) and 126 inches (3200 mm) of track on ground. The 1650K delivers 145 hp (108 kW), 428 lb-ft of torque (580 N-m) and 118 inches (2990 mm) of track on ground. Blade capacities range from 4.1 cubic yards (3.2 cubic metres) on the 1650K to 7.4 cubic yards (5.6 cubic metres) on the 1850K.

Torque multiplication provides maximum drawbar pull of up to 48,000 lb-ft (218 kN) on the 1650K and 64,100 lb-ft (285 kN) on the 1850K.

The smooth power-shift transmission features an Auto-Load mode that downshifts automatically when the workload increases. It automatically selects first speed for forward and second speed for reverse when making direction change. “These features mean the operator focuses less on managing the machine and more on managing the job at hand,” said Rusty Schaefer, marketing manager at Case Construction Equipment. “That translates directly to enhanced productivity.” K Series dozers can easily negotiate varying site conditions with its innovative hydrostatic PowerSteer system, which features single-lever control of direction and steering.

One hydrostatic motor and planetary gear powers the tracks at variable speeds during turns for smooth, responsive steering. “You can get 100 percent of the torque to either side,” Schaefer said. “You have the ability to infinitely adjust the turn. The amount that one track slows, the other track speeds up. By turning with continuous power you’re able to keep a full blade of material throughout the turn, increasing productivity.” Case K Series dozers can counter-rotate within the length of the machine by tilting the lever right or left in neutral, providing the ultimate in maneuverability.

A single lever that controls direction and steering includes push-button speed control for easy speed and direction changes. Auto Shift and Auto Load transmission modes increase productivity and operator comfort. All controls and indicators are within easy access and clear view.

The K Series crawler dozers are available in a wide variety of track and blade configurations to handle varying site conditions.