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Excavator and crane weighing system

Excavator and crane weighing system
The BGW-1 weighing system from Pfreundt can easily be fitted onto all types of excavators and cranes. It can be used to weigh scrap, timber, rocks, used glass or paper containers, etc. Furthermore, it replaces expensive truck or container scales.

Data transmission from the measuring device to the display screen is achieved through either radio or cable. Weighing on the spot saves time, allows for precise invoicing, and makes for a more efficient use of your excavator or loading crane.

The BGW-1 can be calibrated. The integrated dampening and the arrangement of the joints guarantee high precision. It has weighing capabilities ranging from 44 pounds to 100 tons.

The excavator scale is used for all freely swinging load suspensions such as two-shell, multi-shell grabs or magnet and is designed for tough conditions.

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