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Updated weighing systems for wheel loaders

The Ascorel weighing system for wheel loaders allows the control of loading for trucks, wagons, hoppers, etc., and permits a better management of products. The models MC 382 and MC 402 are the latest updates in the series, providing an increased power of treatment and enhanced global communication capabilities. These on-board weighing systems have achieved such high levels of precision and reliability that they have become essential to helping an operator load trucks more easily.

Multiple improvements have been made from the preceding models in the series, the MC 380 and the MC 400. The entire display unit is water, dust, and vibration resistant with a larger screen dimension of 320 x 240 pixels. The MC 382 is designed primarily to help carry out accurate loadings of trucks and can also be programmed to store up to ten references, such as trucks, clients, or products.

The MC 402 has all of the 382’s functionalities and also includes powerful management tools for communication and data analysis. Where the earlier model transferred data via cable or card, the MC 402 now communicates via radio, GSM, or USB, and analyses data using the company’s PCS software package for Windows operating systems. This model can store detailed parameters of more than 100,000 loads.

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