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MT36 articulated truck

Moxy has a unique independent front suspension (which allows for free movement on one side without movement on the opposite side) giving maximum ground contact and shock absorption comfort. The turning ring located in front of the swing point also gives equal weight distribution to the front-axle wheels during maximum turning.

The 400-hp Scania DC 12 engine, transmission, hydraulic system, lubrication system and AC system are all electronically coordinated for maximum productivity. The interaction between automatic control of engine exhaust brake and transmission retarder makes the truck safer and minimizes the risk of incorrect operation. As soon as the accelerator is released, the motor brake is activated, and if the rotational speed increases, the retarder brake of the transmission will become operative. Even if the driver accelerates by mistake, the electronics will activate both the engine exhaust brake and the transmission retarder brake at the risk of speeding the engine. As a safety measure, the electronics will only allow up to two gears when the body is raised.

The air brake system has been replaced by hydraulics, removing the risk of frozen valves in colder climates.

The automatic lubrication system is electronically-controlled and if the reservoir is empty, second gear is the highest allowed until the reservoir is refilled.

The ZF technology, with smooth gearshift quality, is now used on the MT36. The ZF transmission gives a maximum speed of 51 km/hour forward and 32 km/hour in reverse.

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