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Safety a Top Priority at the beginning of Digging Season

National Safe Digging month is coming to an end, but the long outdoor construction season is well underway right across the country and the Canadian Gas Association is reminding Canadians to always "call or click before you dig" and to use safe digging practices when doing excavation projects.

Every day new digging projects happen without the knowledge of where underground infrastructure like natural gas service lines, oil pipelines, electricity wires, and telecommunications wires are located.  Excavating without first knowing the location of buried infrastructure or not digging safely is the leading cause of damage to underground infrastructure. "The purpose of National Safe Digging Month is to remind Canadians about the importance of locating underground infrastructure before starting any project where the ground is going to be disturbed and to always use safe digging practices," said Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association. 

Contractors and homeowners alike who follow safe digging practices can avoid project delays, disruption of essential services, property damage, and serious injury. To begin the process of knowing what's below excavation sites visit www.clickbeforeyoudig.com.   "Whether it is new construction, roadwork, or homeowners planning backyard projects, all excavation and digging projects need to be done safely," said Egan.  "The natural gas distribution industry is a long-time champion and driver of damage prevention and safety initiatives."