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Six CDE SmartTech features for improved plant performance

An operator checks the status of a wash plant on their smartphone
CDE SmartTech gives operators insight into their plant on their smartphone. CDE

CDE SmartTech is a performance app that connects with plants to provide an inside look at operations and maintenance needs. Here are six ways that this app works with users, plants, and CDE experts:

  1. Real-time data captured by sensors on the plant is analyzed to keep track of overall health and note any trends that indicate potential issues.
  2. Flow rates and the tonnage of material moving through the plant are tracked and reviewed. This information can be used to optimize operations.
  3. Use of water, energy, and chemicals is tracked. This provides opportunities to review and adjust for more efficient operation.
  4. SmartTech data is analyzed by CDE process engineers who then provide details to the customer and CDE CustomCare team, enabling proactive maintenance and plant optimization.
  5. An interactive 3D view of the user's plant expands to provide a view of individual parts – right down to the smallest nuts and bolts. Users can identify the parts they need for a specific repair or maintenance task and order directly from the app.
  6. Checklists created and assigned through the app can be used to track maintenance activities. As work is completed, users can input notes and photographs, generate reports, and log any issues.

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