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Blue Diamond Attachments adds three excavator drum mulchers to lineup

Mulchers range from heavy- to severe-duty and fit excavators from 4 to 20 metric tons

A mulcher grinds down a tree
A Blue Diamond Attachments excavator mulcher Blue Diamond Attachments

Blue Diamond Attachments has added three new excavator drum mulchers to its lineup. These models – heavy-duty, extreme-duty, and severe-duty – have cutting widths that range from 30 to 50 inches. The attachments are compatible with compact, mid-sized, and full-sized excavators ranging from 4 to 20 metric tons.

Many components, including the frame, are made with structural steel, and the frame of each model has been reinforced for added rigidity and strength. Parts exposed to wear, like the skids and counterblades, are built from wear-resistant steel. Counterblades on the heavy and extreme duty models are heat-treated and reversible to increase their life span. The severe-duty model features rigid counter blades more suited for aggressive working conditions. 

Cutting capacities range from four to seven inches, and models are available to work with excavator auxiliary hydraulic flows from 9 to 45 GPM. 

Blue Diamond Attachments has designed these mulchers with an adjustable input counter blade that can be brought closer or moved away from the rotor depending on the desired finish. The distance between the hammer and the counter blades has also been optimized to produce an ideal finish. 

A manual gate/door is available on the heavy-duty model, while the extreme-duty and severe-duty models feature a hydraulic gate/door. A closed gate results in finer mulch, while an open gate cuts faster and is more efficient. The extreme-duty and severe-duty models also feature an extra counterblade on the hydraulic gate that can produce an even finer finish. Skid heights are adjustable on these two models for even more control. 

Blue Diamond excavator mulchers also feature a specialized rotor design that equally distributes material to the teeth to promote even wear. Only one tooth hits the material at a time in this design. Bite limiters help efficiency by minimizing jamming and helping the rotor stay balanced. The extreme-duty and severe-duty models each have replaceable rotor shafts.

Each model is easy to maintain with centralized hydraulic ports and greasing points. Additional parts are replaceable, including the bolted liner, counterblades, and teeth. 

The heavy-duty and extreme-duty models come with one and two rows of chains each, while the severe-duty model comes with four chain curtain rows and rubber side shields for extra protection.

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