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Full range of Liebherr mobile construction cranes arrive in the U.S.

The handover event for several mobile cranes
Ideal Crane Rental executives travelled from Wisconsin to Germany to take delivery of three mobile construction cranes in person. Liebherr

Liebherr's MK series of mobile construction cranes have arrived in the United States. These cranes, which combine the height and reach of a tower crane with the maneuverability of a mobile crane, are capable of positioning themselves directly alongside buildings or infrastructure. Their deployment and operational efficiency enable contractors to move easily from site to site.

Robert Kalhagen, the president of Ideal Crane Rental, ordered three MKs, one of each model, the moment the MK cranes became available in the U.S.

"Our family first saw the MK series in action at bauma over ten years ago, and we have been eager to utilize this type of crane in the United States ever since. We are proud and grateful that Ideal Crane will become the first provider of MK cranes in the U.S.," said Kalhagen.

"There's nothing else like it in the industry," said Stephen L. Chasse, president of Chasse Steel in New Hampshire. "The MK is perfect for mid-rise building projects where the crane needs to be set up close to the building for space reasons."

Ideal Crane Rental is a family-run business based in Madison, Wisconsin. With a smaller footprint, rapid setup times, and numerous operator assistance features, the MK cranes provide a new opportunity for the business.

"Tasks that previously required a larger crane with multiple counterweights and jib extensions can now be managed with a crane that carries its own counterweights and can be set up in a fraction of the time. The MK 140-5.1, our larget MK crane, has a reach of more than 200 feet, a hook height of up to 309 feet and is fully operational in less than 30 minutes," explains Kalhagen.

Ideal Crane Rental is preparing to deploy its new fleet of MK cranes across the Midwest supporting a wide spectrum of projects including HVAC installations, roofing projects, steel construction, solar panel installations, and other infrastructure tasks.

One of the first tasks for these cranes will be replacing a traditional mobile crane for roofing work, where the MK's radius and height-adjustable cabin will increase safety and efficiency.

SL Chasse Steel is also eagerly awaiting the arrival of its new MK 88-4.1 in Hudson, New Hampshire.

"I selected the MK 88-4.1 for its exceptional versatility and rapid deployment capabilities. The key advantage of integrating an MK into our fleet is its ability to be positioned so close to a building and operate in tight spaces where a standard mobile crane cannot," says Stephen L. Chasse, president of SL Chasse Steel.

The MK 88-4.1 will primarily serve construction sites in New Hampshire and Massachusetts with initial projects including construction support to a number of four to six-storey timber frame residential buildings. These buildings, utilizing prefabricated panels, are located in congested, urban areas where space is at a premium.

SL Chasse Steel currently operates two Liebherr mobile cranes: an LTM 1110-5.1 and an LTM 1060-3.1.

"That's what gave me the confidence to invest in the MK," said Chasse. "It's a fantastic crane that the American market needs and I applaud Liebherr for the effort it took to make it a reality here in the U.S."

Liebherr mobile construction cranes are suited for North America's cities, characterized by crowded centres, tall buildings, and heavy traffic. Capable of being positioned directly next to structures, the need for road or lane closures can often be completely avoided. Their capacity to operate in tight spaces is a major factor.

In addition to their versatility, the MK cranes can be operated by a single person who can drive, set up, and operate the crane without any other support assets.

The MK cranes come with safety features. Crane assembly and disassembly are fully automated, and the crane's intelligent operating system recognizes its configuration status allowing it to inform the operator of safe and efficient working limits.

Advanced camera systems provide the operator with a view of the job site, facilitating load monitoring and slewing radius checks for potential hazards. The height-adjustable cabin ensures the operator has the best view of the load and the construction area. To ease road travel, the driver cabin has an expansive and unobstructed windshield, a reversing camera and multiple driving modes.

An advantage of the MK mobile construction cranes is their ability to operate almost silently by utilizing an external electricity connection. For projects where noise is a concern, these cranes can be plugged into a power supply and operated using site power or another external source. This feature is useful for nighttime construction and noise-sensitive environments such as residential areas or hospitals.

The current MK series of mobile construction cranes includes three models, including 3-, 4-, and 5-axle options, hook heights up to 309 feet, lifting radiuses over 200 feet, and varying lifting capacities.

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