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Skyjack electric boom lift range is simple and reliable for sustainable lifting performance

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A Skyjack SJ45 AJE + battery-powered electric rough terrain articulated boom lift Skyjack

Skyjack has launched a new range of battery-powered electric rough terrain articulated boom lifts. Available with 51-foot (15.7-metre) and 66-foot (20.1-metre) working heights and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Skyjack's new SJ45 AJE + and SJ60 AJE + models include many of the design features that Skyjack is known for.

The all-electric axle-based drive offers ideal traction, while AC electric traction and pump motors deliver torque power and consistent multi-function capability.

Skyjack says that the new models boast exceptional duty cycle performance and are capable of supporting more than a typical full day's use of machine operation. An additional 30 minutes of reserve allows the units to operate in stowed drive for travel to a charging point.

"Our new electric boom range was developed to provide a clean, quiet, sustainable rental solution with no emissions, lower operating costs and increased utilization," explained Skyjack President Charlie Patterson. "The new range remains simple and reliable while providing an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for rental."

Skyjack's new SJ45 AJE + and SJ60 AJE + have been designed to meet job performance expectations, whether navigating rough terrain conditions or lifting the platform. An oscillating steer axle works with the drive system to keep all four tires in contact with the ground, even in rough terrain. Improved traction provides a smoother ride and consistent multi-function capability delivers an ideal operator experience with up to 45 percent gradeability.

With platform capacities of up to 454 kilograms, quiet operation, and zero emissions, the SJ45 AJE + and SJ60 AJE + models offer the flexibility to work both inside and out, even in emission-restricted areas.

"All Skyjack booms are designed with ease of maintenance and service in mind to maximize uptime and minimize costs. As always, the key components are easily accessible and all wiring is colour-coded and numbered for ease of use," shared Mark Trowman, product development and project manager EAME at Skyjack Europe. "With efficient, maintenance-free batteries and no engine maintenance requirements, our new electric booms further promote low cost of ownership and operation."

The new models use EASYDRIVE, a feature that enables straightforward, intuitive operation. The boom lift drive function operates in accordance with the general orientation of the turret's counterweight over the chassis, for example, if the joystick is forward, the counterweight is facing forward, to allow the unit to move in the general direction of the joystick's movement.

Understanding the importance of readily available sustainability information, Skyjack introduced its ECO mark to detail the benefits in environmental performance and long-term sustainability Skyjack products offer. The new SJ45 AJE + and SJ60 AJE + offer ECO benefits including:

  • 42 percent operational carbon saving compared to the previous model,
  • Zero emissions,
  • <70 dB inherently quiet machine operation (excluding alarms),
  • 90 percent recyclable by weight,
  • 50 percent less hydraulic connections and optional bio-degradable hydraulic oil,
  • Telematics and remote diagnostics reduce site visits and operational carbon footprint.

Skyjack is initially launching the SJ45 AJE + and SJ60 AJE + in its EAME and Australian regions with a CE and AS certification.

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