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Frenter integration with Boom and Bucket leverages data to improve equipment resale decisions

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Frenter integration with Boom and Bucket will aid owners by providing more awareness of equipment resale value. Frenter

A partnership between Canadian GPS, maintenance, and analytics solution provider Frenter and digital marketplace Boom and Bucket will leverage data to help contractors get the best value from their assets.

Boom and Bucket operates an online market for buying and selling used heavy equipment of all kinds, which will integrate with data collected by Frenter to provide users with real-time estimates of equipment value that provide insight on utilization and fleet optimizations. Owners can make a decision on whether they wish to sell their machine or keep it as part of the fleet based on those estimates, and if they are ready to sell will be able to list their machine on Boom and Bucket's marketplace directly through the Frenter solution.

As the partnership develops, Frenter's goal is to leverage data moving back and forth to give owners guidance based on operational data and current value. If a machine's utilization is declining and experiencing higher maintenance costs the system will offer an estimated sale price based on data collected through the Frenter platform. The integration gives users a single point of contact for key information that helps their bottom line and informs better fleet management decisions.

With many heavy equipment owners turning over their machines roughly every three years, it is important to understand equipment value and the factors that affect it. Frenter-equipped machines collecting that data that are then sold through Boom and Bucket will provide new owners with detailed maintenance and usage data that add a level of confidence to their fleet management.

"We have a vision of connecting the full ecosystem of Heavy Equipment. We're very excited for what Boom and Bucket brings strategically as well as their shared vision for the future of equipment technology and what we can build together. This partnership will allow our customers to realize higher returns on their assets, unlocked through the tracking and improvements that come with Frenter," said Zach Laberge, CEO and founder of Frenter.

"At Boom and Bucket, we recognize the indispensable value that comes from understanding the life story of heavy equipment. Our strategic partnership with Frenter marks a new era where data meets the marketplace, enhancing transparency and trust. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the industry by enabling owners to maximize their equipment's value throughout its lifecycle, ensuring a smarter, more informed equipment economy," added Boom and Bucket CEO and co-founder Adam Lawrence.

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