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KOBELCO 2024 mini excavator spec guide

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Next-generation -7 series mini excavator models are ideal for landscaping, utilities, and small construction projects. They provide increased performance and productivity from the previous models, and KOBELCO is committed to designing smaller machines with the same quality, feel, and comfort as users would find in its larger excavators.

A spec sheet for KOBELCO mini excavators

Featured: SK26SR-7

Like all -7 series machines, the SK26SR-7 mini excavator is built for performance and quality. The machine has an operating weight of 6,504 pounds, making it easy to transport, and it can dig up to 9 feet 2 inches deep. An updated interior includes a suspension seat and wide wrist rests, along with a multifunction colour monitor. A range of options makes the excavator customizable for specific job site needs.

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