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Decarbonization at the heart of INTERMAT's demonstration zone

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The INTERMAT Demo zone will focus on low carbon and safety and will kick off every 10 minutes throughout the four days of the exhibition.  INTERMAT

INTERMAT 2024 looks to showcase the construction industry and equipment manufacturers in the race to net zero emissions. Among the highlights of the 2024 show, the events taking place in the INTERMAT Demo zone will focus on low carbon and safety and will kick off every 10 minutes throughout the four days of the exhibition. 

Showcasing the innovation of construction equipment and machinery 

INTERMAT DEMO will offer manufacturers the chance to show off equipment and machinery in real-life operating conditions.

The Demo Zone will host the current generation of equipment, notably fitted with hybrid or electric engines, and will offer a chance to test new powertrains and see the construction sites of the future. 

Nearly 200 demonstrations 

Through a programme of nearly 200 demonstrations of worksite machinery, construction professionals will be able to admire the know-how of manufacturers and the latest developments in low-carbon and digitalized equipment. Visitors will also be able to see machines with increased safety and higher productivity and energy efficiency. 

The Demo Zone will also have a food and drink area with a varied selection of food trucks.

The INTERMAT Demo Zone will be divided into two zones: a gravel zone and a sand zone. Each zone will see a demonstration every ten minutes from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. 

Demo Zone INTERMAT 1 – Gravel 


Manoeuvring and positioning of 32T equipment by radio control, gravel suction by articulated arm, and gravel tipping. 


Demonstration of the Sprider, a tool for placing asphalt (e.g. for trenches, pavements, etc.) 


Handling the MG-90 and/or MG-60 machine with an excavator, picking up sheet piles from the ground and standing them up, demonstrating the machine's 360-degree rotation. Demonstrate the function of the vibratory hammer for piling without digging into the ground. 


Presentation of the EW25.5-90 electric machine in two different applications, focusing in particular on battery interchangeability, telematics solutions, and advantages in terms of the running costs of an electric model compared with a combustion model. 

GD PFC Construction 

Demonstration of the platform on amplirole with a focus on loading for storage and transport of shoring to make trench work safer. 

Demo Zone INTERMAT 2 – Sand 


Europe Projection: Start-up of the x-screed D60 dry screed machine with application of the sand product on the floor. 

Another machine to see during the demo: the MIXPRO 28 – 3 kW Ragréage & PROJECT CP 35 + malaxeur PREMIUM 


Demonstrations of the manoeuvrability and flexibility of the NOX range of tiltrotators. 


Demonstration of the new PowerBully 12D, a tracked dumper for the construction sector, with a focus on the PowerBully's driving characteristics. 


Demonstration of tool changing and levelling with the Volvo EW150. 


Demonstrating the precision and ease of use of the iDig system that uses GPS to mark out a site and dig the area with a shovel.

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