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How genuine parts provide the best maintenance and repair options for articulated haulers

Genuine Rokbak replacement parts are all designed and approved at the Rokbak factory in Motherwell, Scotland.
Genuine Rokbak replacement parts are all designed and approved at the Rokbak factory in Motherwell, Scotland. Rokbak

Articulated haulers excel at navigating challenging terrain while transporting heavy loads, making them indispensable in construction, mining, and infrastructure projects. However, the integrity of these machines can be compromised when fitted with alternative or substandard parts during maintenance or repairs, as Gary Bradburn, Rokbak Aftermarket Commercial Manager, explains.

The importance of good quality, reliable parts when maintaining articulated haulers is paramount - especially with the increasing prevalence of lower-quality alternative components on the market. While some ADT owners may view opting for non-factory-approved components as a cost-saving measure, it often leads to a false economy. The hidden costs of alternative parts include higher parts usage, higher operating costs through lower efficiencies, greater risk of equipment failure, and more frequent machine downtime.

Selecting genuine parts is an important part of planning for effective maintenance of articulated haulers. Rokbak

Shortcuts can lead to problems when it comes to parts

Rokbak trucks are dependable and durable, built to perform on the toughest job sites, and deliver maximum uptime with low total cost of ownership (TCO). That's why Rokbak factory-approved parts provide unequaled levels of reassurance - they are built to the original design and material specifications to deliver peak performance, reliability, and durability in combination with your Rokbak truck.

The decision to use factory-approved parts extends beyond individual component integrity - it safeguards the integrity of the entire truck. We know that the poor fit and design of alternative parts can compromise overall safety and reliability, which can put both the equipment and operators at risk.

When alternative parts costs are particularly low, it's suggestive of the low-quality materials that have been used to make them. This means components of incorrect specification and greater risk of consequential damage, jeopardizing site and operator safety and leading to an eventual increase in TCO - with a higher frequency of replacement components needed.

In contrast, genuine factory-approved parts ensure compatibility, durability, and optimal performance. Rigorously tested and meeting strict quality standards, official Rokbak components for the RA30 and RA40 articulated haulers offer peace of mind to customers and operators and prolong the equipment's lifespan.

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