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Reliable, high-performance Tigercat harvesting head best suited for medium to large tree profiles

A harvesting head grinds at a tree limb
A Tigercat 573 triangulated harvesting head Tigercat

In late September 2023, visitors to the PLC live demo event held in Washington state got a sneak peek of the new Tigercat 573 harvesting head processing logs on the end of a Tigercat 875E logger. Since then, multiple units have been tested in far-flung regions from Alberta to Australia; Tigercat says that the 573 is shaping up to be a reliable, high-performance head for roadside processing and harvesting.

Best suited to medium and large tree profiles, the 573 has an 800-millimetre (31-inch) maximum cut capacity and offers ideal performance in 400- to 600-millimetre (16- to 24-inch) diameter timber. The feed rollers close down to 60 millimetres (2.4 inches), allowing the 573 to delimb and process smaller diameter trees, achieving higher value fibre recovery.

The compact frame design handles poor stem form and contributes to delimbing performance. The triangulated feed wheel arm configuration operates in a locked three-wheel drive. This, combined with timed knife arms, provides the operator with fast picking and positive stem control for high productivity in roadside processing applications. Independently mounted, trailing-arm length measuring helps ensure tracking and accuracy.

The top knife and lower/back knife pivot on the same side of the chassis frame, aligning the position and flow of each stem centrally through the head. This arrangement promotes positive contact with all three feed rollers and the measuring wheel at all times. The result is increased quality and accuracy, reduced fuel consumption, and greater processing speed. The orientation also provides operators with a clear sightline to the measuring wheel.

The 573 is equipped with continuous rotation for ease of use and ideal hose routing and protection. WiFi connectivity between the cab and attachment modules reduces wire routing along the boom and provides command response.

The Tigercat D7 control system is available with priority or optimization levels and is compatible and compliant with StanForD Classic and 2010.

The 573 is ideal for the H250D, 850, and 875E for roadside processing applications and the H822E and H855E carriers for in-stand harvesting.

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