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Revamped Toro compact utility loader features turbo-powered diesel engine

An operator uses a compact utility loader with an auger to dig a hole
A Toro Dingo TX 1000 TURBO compact utility loader The Toro Company

Toro introduced the Dingo TX 1000, a compact utility loader with a rated operating capacity of 1000 pounds, back in 2015. In 2024, Toro has introduced its new Dingo TX 1000 TURBO at The ARA Show. The Dingo TX 1000 TURBO builds off the performance of the original Dingo TX 1000 with a turbo-powered diesel engine and the new Smart Power feature to maximize engine and auxiliary performance along with traction torque.

Toros says that operators will feel the difference in performance. The Dingo TX 1000 TURBO's new engine has more torque to deliver the productivity of the Dingo TX 1000 quicker, especially when using the trencher and auger attachments. Toro engineers added a larger hydraulic filter, found in the Dingo TX 1300 model, for longer maintenance intervals and less downtime. Available in both narrow- and wide-track models, the TURBO is built to suit operator and job site needs. The narrow-track model is 2,826 pounds (1,282 kilograms) and features a standard track with "B" style tread. The wide-track version is 2,911 pounds (1,320 kilograms) and features a less aggressive tread pattern that's gentle on turf and minimizes damage.

"The reality is the Dingo TX 1000 changed the compact utility loader game. That's why, when we approached the design, we wanted to ensure all the beloved and trusted features remained," says Kyle Cartwright, product marketing manager at Toro. "The new Dingo TX 1000 TURBO simply builds on the standard set by the original, and we're so excited to get this new turbo-charged machine in the hands of operators." 

Like its predecessor, the Dingo TX 1000 TURBO has a rated operating capacity of 1,000 pounds. When the loader arms are at full reach the hinge pin measures 81 inches from the ground to allow the machine to reach over the side of dumpsters and one-ton trucks.

Just like the original Dingo TX 1000, the new Dingo TX 1000 TURBO features a vertical lift loader arm design, which keeps the load closer to the machine to allow operators to lift more weight. Additionally, this feature increases the reach at full height to make dumping more efficient and accurate. 

The new Dingo TX 1000 TURBO utilizes Toro's traction control design. Toro says that these controls are intuitive and effortless. Other operator-centric features have been carried over, including thigh and hip padding on the operator station for a comfortable experience and an auxiliary foot control on the suspended platform which frees the operator's hands to focus on ground speed and attachment positioning.

The 24.7 hp YANMAR diesel engine is engineered with a focus on vibration reduction. The result is an engine capable of handling demanding applications. Delivering up to 4.1 mph ground speeds in both forward and reverse, the new Dingo TX 1000 TURBO works to maximize productivity. The machine features a single diesel fuel tank (10.25 gallons) on the operator's left-hand side and the hydraulic oil reservoir on the operator's right-hand side for improved serviceability. 

"With the introduction of TURBO, we're also excited to share that we've invested in expanding production capacity across the full line, so we can continue to meet the needs of our customers," says Cartwright.

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