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BOMAG multi-purpose compactor features quick-pairing, secure radio remote control

A trench compactor being controlled remotely by an operator behind it.
The BMP 8500 features a new, easily paired remote control system that can move from roller to roller as needed. BOMAG

The BOMAG BMP 8500 multi-purpose compactor features an improved radio remote control design that allows the controller to be used on every BMP 8500 in the fleet. A unique "teach" function quickly and intuitively pairs the unit to the machine, saving time. If the controller is misplaced, a new one can be paired quickly and without special knowledge or tools.

A secure, 100 percent connection is present between the machine and remote control. Multiple trench rollers can be operated simultaneously at the job site without the need to coordinate or adjust individual radio frequencies.

Remote controls are standard with two batteries for up to 40 hours of continuous runtime. The two-battery system allows one to charge while the other powers the controller, ensuring work can continue. Charge status is shown on the screen of the remote-control unit, alerting operators when the charge is low. An optional charger is integrated into the trench roller's storage compartment, allowing the second battery to be topped off during machine operation.

The ergonomic controller is lightweight and uses paddle-style joysticks to simplify compactor operation, along with multiple indicator lights.

The BMP 8500 is targeted toward trench and pipeline construction, landscaping, compacting backfill, and foundation work. It has a redesigned hood with more space for remote control storage. An integrated rollover protective structure improves reliability.

Working width can be adjusted from 24 to 33.5 inches in a few simple steps. The BMP 8500 is powered by a 19.4-hp Kubota diesel engine that meets Tier 4 Final/Stage V emissions standards. The BOMAG Operator Safety System (BOSS) shuts the machine down automatically if it comes too close to the operator. BOMAG ECONOMIZER keeps the operator updated on compaction progress by identifying soft spots in the fill to be identified and addressed, reducing unnecessary passes.

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