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Liebherr highlights diverse range of earthmoving machines at World of Asphalt 2024

A wheel loader lods an articulated dump truck
A Liebherr 580 XPower wheel loader loads a TA 230 articulated dump truck with material. Liebherr

Liebherr will exhibit at the World of Asphalt conference in Nashvile, Tennessee from March 25 to 27, 2024.

Liebherr USA will exhibit an array of new products, technologies, and services geared toward asphalt, highway, street, pavement maintenance, and traffic safety industry professionals.

At this year's conference, Liebherr's earthmoving and material handling team will present the L 580 XPower wheel loader, the TA 230 articulated dump truck, and the R 914 compact crawler excavator from its range of earthmoving equipment.

L 580 XPower wheel loader

The XPower line of Liebherr wheel loaders utilizes a power-split transmission. This travel drive provides ideal fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs and environmental impact while delivering performance. The XPower travel drive, in combination with the automatic self-locking differential, provides traction and prevents the wheels from spinning.

Performance data of the L 580 XPower wheel loader

  • Model: L 580 XPower
  • Tipping load: 42,330 lbs.
  • Bucket capacity: 6.8 cubic yards
  • Operating weight: 60,955 lbs.
  • Engine power: 233 kW / 312 hp

Liebherr offers powerful wheel loaders in all size categories. With operating weights ranging from 29,000 pounds to 72,000 pounds. Equipped with lift arm variants and industry-specific attachments, wheel loaders are versatile and can be used for many different jobs. These machines also offer optional assistance systems to support the operator's daily work and job site safety precautions including active personnel selection, joystick steering system, and tire pressure monitoring.

TA 230 articulated dump truck

The TA 230 articulated dump truck was developed for off-road use. Its drivetrain, permanent 6 x 6 all-wheel drive, traction control, and solid axle mounts enable the Liebherr dump truck to tackle any terrain. This means it can produce fast cycle times – regardless of whether it is on a large construction site, in a quarry, or in a tunnel. The TA 230 was also designed for easy maintenance. A smart machine check-up and access to the entire engine bay minimizes daily maintenance work.

Performance data of the TA 230 articulated dump truck

  • Model: TA 230
  • Payload: 61,700 lbs.
  • Dump body capacity: 23.7 cubic yards
  • Operating weight: 54,200 lbs.
  • Engine power: 265 kW / 355 hp

The new TA 230 ADT comes standard with a six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 732 cubic inches (12 litres) and 355 hp / 265 kW comes standard in the TA 230 Litronic and is Tier 4 Final compliant. A drivetrain with an automatic eight-speed powershift transmission ensures optimal force distribution. With the actively controlled longitudinal differential locks, automatic traction control is also available for the TA 230 Litronic. As soon as a slip occurs at an axle, the torque is transferred to the axle or axles with traction. The Liebherr articulated truck offers driving performance and pulling force, even on challenging terrain.

R 914 compact crawler excavator

The smallest Liebherr crawler excavator, the R 914 Compact, features a powerful diesel engine and particularly high break-out forces. The sensitivity of the hydraulic system enables the driver to work with precision at high speeds, even when moving. A short rear slewing radius of 1.55 metres delivers safety for both the operator and the machine.

Performance data of the R 914 compact crawler excavator

  • Model: R 914 Compact
  • Engine power: 122 hp / 90 kW
  • Dig depth: 18'10"
  • Operating weight: 36,000 lbs
  • Breakout force: 19,828 lbs

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