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United Rentals access management system uses RFID badges to increase safety, visibility

A worker uses a keycard to access a building
A worker uses United Rentals' new access management system. United Rentals

United Rentals' next-generation access management system manages job site and equipment access through RFID badges. This single-badge, multi-use solution can increase job site visibility and control for safer, more efficient operations.

Access management is compatible with a variety of third-party workforce management solutions that register workers and issue RFID badges for site entry. Once connected, workers are authenticated for entry at job site turnstiles and vehicle access control points. United Rentals has access management systems available for rent that includes fencing, restrooms, offices, and temporary power. The same RFID badge can be used for equipment access management, where access control keypads are installed. This new system augments United Rentals' PIN code-based equipment access systems.

"Our next-generation access management solution connects workers and equipment to help our customers work more safely, productively, and sustainably," said Tony Leopold, senior vice president of strategy and digital at United Rentals. "We are differentiating our offerings by connecting and managing data from the world's largest fleet of over 360K telematics-enabled pieces of equipment."

United Rentals' cloud-based worksite management platform, Total Control, connects job site access with equipment access management through user profile data. Administrators can upload user information from workforce management systems and grant access to specific pieces of equipment or equipment category classes. Users can also view real-time and historical insights into equipment usage.

"Access management has become a key component of job site safety and productivity, especially as we see projects and teams growing larger and more complex," said Mike Durand, executive vice president and chief operating officer at United Rentals.

Access Management is part of United Rentals' suite of worksite performance solutions that work to help increase safety, productivity, and sustainability. 

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